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First rule of leadership: Everything is your fault.


Truth hurts right?  I know.  But we can get through it together.  After all, you are a leader now....right?  You are just going to have to get used to the truth.  Most managers hide from the truth.  We call those managers "The Boss".

Great leadership means staring reality right in its ugly face and having the courage to inspire people to take action and make that reality better!  We call those managers "Le8ders".

Your journey to becoming a purpose led leader starts today. 


You don't have permission to lead others until you have first put yourself on the right path.

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The environment matters

People often don't decide between success and failure.  Your environment plays the most critical role.

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Team up

Problem solving is a team sport.  Who you slot at each position will determine how many fans you put in the seats.

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Le8dership DNA

Making leadership "sticky" takes time, effort, and the willingness to make it a big part of each day.

Leadership has the power to change your life...

The legacy of a le8der is impact!  How will you impact yourself, and those around you?  There is only one thing left to do, begin!

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