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Mark  Wilson

Hey, my name is Mark Wilson, and I created to help teach the fundamentals of leadership to hard working entrepreneurs and managers like you!

I strongly believe that many businesses are suffering today due to a lack of leadership.  People have too much on their plates and its fueling poor decision making and ramping up anxiety and depression in the workplace.

I have seen really great companies lose their way which results in both customers and employees suffering.  I am here to help you find your way back!

I'm an operations leader, process champion, entrepreneur, and most importantly a student of human interaction.  I love strategy and turning problems into opportunity.

What can you expect from me?  Well for starters a bunch of FREE useful content posted on my social media accounts and Youtube page.  Plus great Le8der products and services all created to help you win both personally and professionally.  

I want to help you turn information into action!  So get started today and subscribe to download the Free Le8der DNA guide designed to help jump start your journey.

About Me

Well, where do I start?  I am one of those crazy people who loves operations management and making peoples lives easier and more successful.  After spending many years "on the tools" as they say, I traded in my tool belt for a laptop and cozy desk. (I hate sitting at desks!)

The best thing that ever happened to me was having mentors who introduced me to the concept of real life leadership.  I say introduced because I was never given the full curriculum.  Why was this good?  It made me realize that if I was going to be a successful manager, I needed to learn how to be a true leader.

I dedicated the next 5 years of my life to learning and observing the business environments around me.  Truthfully, it was less of a lesson on what to do, and more of a lesson on how NOT to lead or manage employees.  I quickly realized that we have a real problem here.  Managers are being put into positions of influence, without ever being taught how to actually lead.  

Enter Le8der...I am not one to sit back and complain about the current state... I want to fix it!  I have never met a process that impressed me enough to not want to adjust it... Go ahead, try me! haha


But more importantly, join me.  Become a Le8der!  

Turn information into action

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