Mark Wilson shares his insight into why leadership is failing us and more importantly how you can fix your leadership style and become a more purpose led Le8der.

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How to build high performing empowered teams through leadership training.  Innovate your leadership is a course created by Le8der Academy.
innovate your leadership course

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Leadership has become more of  a buzzword than an actual daily practise.  A certain implied privilege has been assigned to leadership that almost makes it seem not applicable to anyone who doesn't hold a certain position or title.


The keys to effective leadership are simple; access, daily focus, and continuous evaluation.

In this course, Mark explains how you can transform the way you lead and become a more purpose led Le8der.  If you are willing to let go of the past, and embrace a new future; one where you can make a difference regardless of your position or title, then this course is for you.

Leadership Matters

A good leader can help improve engagement, satisfaction, and customer service.

Form Good Habits

Solid leadership habits will ensure you don't forget the most critical needs of  your team.

Don't Walk Alone

Leadership is a team sport, create the right support team.

Meet Your Instructor

Mark Wilson

While working his way from employee to supervisor, and on to manager, Mark realized that leadership development was going to be up to himself to figure out.  He recognized that while many people called themselves a leader, the real principles of leadership were being ignored and replaced by other priorities.  He designed this course to help redefine what leadership is, and how it can benefit your work life, as well as your personal life. 

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Learn How you can...

  • Make meetings matter again.

  • Create effective committees.

  • Make accountability a good thing.

  • Create a Le8der ecosystem in your business.

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