Do you Push or do you Pull?

People are often promoted into positions of authority over others without first reading the waiver. What waiver you ask? Its not a real thing don't worry. But it should be. You got excited about the pay raise and forgot about the responsibility that you just signed up for didn't you? Trust me, you aren't the first person or the last to do so.

I think every new boss, manager, team lead, foreman, whatever you want to call yourself, should first understand what it is they are getting into. It's kind of like going sky diving. They don't just strap a parachute on your back, put you in a plane and then kick you out the door! You have to be trained first. Then you have to sign a waiver making sure that you fully understand the risks involved with what you are about to do. Would you jump out of a perfectly good plane without being 100% sure that you are good to go, that they have managed the risks, and that you have the proper equipment to ensure that you land safely on the ground? I don't think so. Taking a new job as a manager of people should be treated the same way. You need to understand what the role entails and what the tools that you need to be successful are.

Asking people to manage other people is a huge responsibility. You now have people in your employ that will be looking to you for answers. They need your support, your guidance, and your patience. They need to understand the teams vision, the mission. They need to be given opportunity to grow. They need to be developed and feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. I could go on, but you get the point. Sounds difficult right? Well it is. All of a sudden you just became "something" to these people. It is up to you to decide what that "something" is. Are you going to push them day in and day out. Or are you going to help them pull.

Are you going to be a manager....Or a Le8der! The substance of influence is pull...not push. One of my favourite books is called the Go-Giver Leader. Bob burg and John David Mann do an excellent job showing us that le8dership is fundamentally about other people and not our own personal success. I highly recommend that you check it out.