Leader with an 8...What does it mean?

Welcome to www.le8der.com! And to my first blog post. I am super thrilled to be launching this website and while it is still very much a work in progress and under heavy construction, I think its important to start where it began...The 8!

The 8 represents the DNA of a successful Le8der. These are simple concepts, likely some of which you may find obvious, but hey, I love keeping it simple! In the coming months we will dive into each building block and share some relevant tools and tips to help you unlock your potential. But first...The 8!

1. Have Integrity

2. Ambitious Goals

3. Read More

4. Develop Good Habits

5. Workout!

6. Optimism Is A Magnet

7. Reframe Failure

8. Know your Why

Simple right? It all boils down to HARDWORK!