New website, new great content

Change is a good thing. Unless it is just for the sake of change and doesn't really come with any impact or improvement. Well, we decided it was time to re-vamp our site and ensure that you are getting the most support possible on your leadership journey. We are happy to be introducing our Le8der micro-learnings. These jam packed courses only take about 5 mins of your time, and leave you with actual tips and tools that you can implement right away! Our store will continue to grow and evolve as we learn what products and services suit your needs most, and our blog will help to keep you engaged with all things leadership.

But there are a couple things in particular that we are really excited about as we re-launch Le8der in 2021.

The first, our 30 day leadership challenge. Designed to take you from leadership basics, all the way through to the leadership tips and advice you require to succeed in 2021. In just 30 days you will see a drastic change in the way you lead.

The second is the launch of the #Le8derproject. We are so excited to build a community of young leaders ready to grow and evolve into the next generation of great leaders. Leadership doesn't happen by accident, and we believe that it is a skill that all kids should be exposed to.

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, but that just means that 2021 will be filled with even more opportunity for growth and development. So take a look around the new and be sure to sign up for our Le8der newsletter.

2021, the year to prioritize leadership.

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