Stop!! Don't hit send yet...

I was reminded this week of a common threat facing many supervisors and managers these days. Email! How is email a threat? Well, for starters it is way to easy to just hit send and walk away.

Have you ever written a nasty email, re-read it, deleted it and started over? That is a big red flag. If you can feel the anger boiling over while you are pounding on the keys of your keyboard then just give up. For now at least.

Sometimes we do hit send and feel immediate regret or worse yet, panic! That temporary feeling of "I will show you!" quickly becomes damage control. Email is a great tool for communication. But a terrible tool for conveying emotion, good or bad.

The next time you are ready to snap your laptop in half because someone pissed you off, just take a break. Talk to somebody about it. Vent to a coworker you can trust. Then if you still feel the need to send a response, do it tomorrow.

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