A day in the life of a leader can be filled with highs and lows.  So let's stop, take a moment, and then get

back to it!

Take a moment, THEN LEAD is the purpose filled leadership resource you have been

waiting for.


No matter where you are starting from, this book has you in mind.  Even the most experienced leaders can forget the fundamentals of leadership.  Running a business keeps you focused on the bottom line.  Take a moment and re-focus back on how you are interacting with your employees and your customers.

STOP Building A Mental Bookshelf...

Learning how to take action and put useful information to work is a barrier most leaders face.  Daily focus helps to break those barriers down.  

I am ready to be a better leader!

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Whats inside?

  • Tactics to reframe your thinking

  • How to best serve your employees

  • Why value matters

  • Teams really do need you

  • Why you need to develop employees